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Fantastic Indoor MCOB Grow Light for growing all types of plants



Tropical Plants under MCOB 1X Grow Light

My place is so dark, I always wanted to have nice plants but every thing dies without enough light. Interested to see what results I would get with MCOB, I bought some cheap houseplants and watered them only with water from my aquarium.

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I was thrilled to see every plant start to grow thick lush growth, at this point I have just been keeping it on 24 hrs a day, at only 50 watts, its only about 10 cents a day.

Grow any Plant, Indoors

Our Indoor Jungle 1X will allow you to grow lush growth even in places with minimal or without natural light source. Our MCOB (Multiple Chips On Board) technology produces the proper mix of light spectrum plants need for photosynthesis, and lots of it. Watch your houseplants lean away from natural light to catch MCOB, violet colored light. Starting vegetables indoors? Our MCOB 1x is perfect for getting your plants a healthy start to life, with minimal stretching. Planting seeds? MCOB is perfect to start your seeds with 2% Infrared , proven to assist in germination and new starts.